About Ronnie Earl

About Ronnie Earl

Hello. I’m Ronnie Earl. I’m an alcoholic. A little about me. I live in Kansas, U.S.A. My birth year is 1973. I am originally from the great state of Mississippi. I work in the field of Information Technology, but I was a culinarian for many years. My drinking ‘career’ ended on May 9, 2016, but I built up quite a resume.

If you try really hard, you can figure out who I am. My name is, in fact, Ronnie. Ronnie Earl is my chosen online moniker for the recovery community. My concerns about anonymity will be mentioned in a full post at a later date. For now, please know that I highly respect those who are brave enough to fully disclose their identity to the world. Without these recovery ‘soldiers’, we will not change anything. I hope to live in a world that is supportive of addicts and alcoholics someday. 

When it comes to the human connection, I am a slow learner. Most people can enjoy people and social gatherings. For as long as I remember, I have been highly anxious about parties and even simple conversations. My preference is to write instead of talk whenever it is appropriate. Alcohol was used as a release from my selfish and fearful constraints about talking to people. Since I have adopted a sober lifestyle, I have found that my connection to humanity is getting stronger. I am feeling more comfortable being a social animal, and talking out loud to people.

People always want to know if you have children. I do not. People often want to know why. It was by choice. There are plenty of humans on this planet. I love children but conditions and motives have never been such that I wanted to actively bring a life into this universe. Not sure if it would have been different had I been sober years ago. It is what it is, as they say. 

Feel free to contact me. If you have concerns, questions, advice for a fledgling blogger, or criticism, please use this contact form. I will contact you as soon as possible.